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18th January 2020

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Subtitling; The Soul in Performance!!

Great Actors conveys their emotions by using whole bodies, gestures and facial expressions. Tone and Phrasing are also plays important roles–even when spoken words are a mystery to the viewer.

Our Subtitling experts fills this gap, so by reading subtitles in Drama/Film/Game, viewers of any culture or language can understand what they are hearing.


  • We Subtitle in All Pakistani Languages (Sindhi, Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto)
  • Films, Drama, TV Serials, Documentaries and Games
  • Theater, DVD, Broadcast release


Not Only Words, but more than words!!

Our skilled subtitling experts go beyond the words to convey the original message to the viewers so that nothing is lost in translation.

Our Knowledge, Your Profit.

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