Practice Areas

@AyDiiZii We provide following fields of specializations with a decade of eperience.

Legal Translation

Legal translation is one of the specializations for translators that require specific qualifications. @AyDiiZii we have in-house qualified legal translators and interpreters.

Life Sciences and Medical 

It’s another area that leaves little to no room for errors. Every word matters, so interpretation and substitutions must be kept to a minimum. This specialization requires excellent translation skills, as well as extensive knowledge of medical terminology. @AyDiiZii we have in-house qualified Medical translators and interpreters.

Software, Apps and IT translation

Technical translation is still one of the most productive specializations for translators worldwide. It often includes lengthy technical documentation. We Specialize in Software, hardware, IT, UA, UI and Microsoft services and Products, Mobile apps, Mobile and PC software, Games localization, website localization etc.

  • Marketing Translation

This includes Communication, Transcreation, Social Media translation, Business and e-Commerce, product descriptions, product vouchers, product history, etc.